Sunny International Exchange Inc.

---- A Bridge for Sino-US Cultural Exchange...

       Sunny International Exchange Inc. is a consulting firm registered in Los Angeles California, incorporated in 2010. Our mission is to promote the bilateral exchanges between the United States and China in education, training and business development. With a dedicated team and an extensive network in the US, the company is committed to provide services of college admission assistance, study tour, professional training and business trip arrangement to Chinese clients.

       1. Online School

        Partner with Washington Academy of East Machias, Maine, Sunny International Exchange Inc. provide K-12 online courses throuth Washington Academy Online. Sunny International Exchange Inc. is exclusive representive of Washington Academy Online in China.

      2. Customized College Programs

       Sunny International Exchange Inc. has developed lasting and collaborative relationships with many top universities in the United States, including: University of California-Los Angeles, University of California-Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign etc. We designed and delivered customized college programs for undergraduate students from China.


      3. Immersion Education Program

      Sunny International Exchange Inc. provides high-quality services to high school students in numerous Live Class studying programs, helping the students with studying and experiencing American culture.

     4. English Teacher Training

      Sunny International Exchange Inc. provides English training services. Partnering with colleges and universities in Southern California, we provide customized english training programs to our Chinese primary and middle school english teachers.

     5. Sino-US Inter School Cooperation

      Sunny International Exchange Inc. devotes to bridge the schools between American and China, help establish Sister Schools.


      6. American Students to China

      Sunny International Exchange Inc. also brings American students to China. Partnering with JESIE, we bring top-performed american primary and secondary school students to Jiangsu to engage in cultural interactions with their counterparts in Jiangsu. They participate in various activities including short-term Chinese language lessons and cultural experience, with the potential to attract more international students to Jiangsu for further studies and exchange.

      7. College Admission Assistance

        Sunny International Exchange Inc. provide assistance to Chinese students in identifying, preparing and gaining admissions into their dream american university. Some of the services we provide are: college searching, college planning, SAT & TOEFL preparations, and feedback to parents in China through student progress reports etc.

       Sunny International Exchange Inc. is your trustworthy and reliable friend!

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